7 de mayo de 2008

Flora pared.

Veneno otoñal relamiendo los rincones del jardín secreto del Sargento Baigorria.

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Richard McNally dijo...

The top photo is the best because of the contrast between the heavy eye makeup and the crimson petals; it looks like a combination B&W/color shot.

JoJosho dijo...

See Please Here

Richard McNally dijo...

I regret to say that like most Americans I am weak in the area of foreign languages. I can read French with the help of a dictionary and keep telling myself I should learn Spanish but never get around to it. I am hunting for an idea for a new screenplay but I have yet to come up with anything. When I am not writing I am somewhat miserable. I don't feel like a writer. I feel as if I have never written anything at all. It's as if writing is an ocean liner and whenever I finish a project I am thrown overboard. You are a student?